CAPss Cosmetics

is a packaging innovation for the skin care/serum market which provides an exciting ‘WOW FACTOR’ and serves as visual confirmation of functional, consumer and marketing claims.

CAPss Cosmetics is ideal for cosmetic formulas

with two-component that must be separated until usage moment:

  • Vitamine C, for its revitalizing, antioxidant and especially illuminating properties, and well appreciate for dull and devitalized skin.
  • Whitening active ingredients , high demanded, especially in Asian countries but also in many others, for correcting imperfections and spots and giving to the skin uniformity and transparency
  • Water-free cosmetics, are a current and future trend.

Why CAPss Cosmetics?

Over time active ingredients may settle, separate, lose their efficacy and expire. In other cases, cosmetic products require a complicated mixing process by the consumer, which is often time consuming, prone to error and messy. The consumer pays a high price for her product and therefore deserves the best quality and experience.


The three steps toward better cosmetic formulas:

1  The cap with the unique container and sensitive ingredients.

2  The consumer opens the cap and the ingredients shoot into the bottle/base, confirming the activation of the product. (Shaking not necessary)

3  The consumer replaces the cap for a dropper/pipette or push dispenser, to apply it on the skin.

CAPss Cosmetics is now in development

we are planning to launch the new packaging at the beginning of 2021.

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